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I don't know much about imaging. Where do I begin?
We have created a guide called Imaging Concepts, to assist with basic imaging terms. Another guide called Introducing ES Imaging addresses basic questions about the ES Imaging software.

Can I try ES Imaging before I commit and purchase the software?
Yes. We understand that evaluating software is an important step to making an informed decision to proceed with the purchase. Both a 30 day free trial and an interactive demo is available that allows anyone to try the software, before making any decisions.

Is ES Imaging customizable to fit the needs of a person or family?
It certainly is. ES Imaging has been designed to incorporate maximum flexibility regardless of the special needs of an individual or family. You will be able to tailor ES Imaging to your specific requirements. For specific feature details, see the ES Imaging Administration Guide.

Will ES Imaging work on PCs, Macs, and Smart Phones?
Yes. Unlike some competitors, ES Imaging is able to run on most platforms. See ES Imaging Technical Specifications for more details.

Can a document or file be searched for a certain word or phrase?
Yes. This full text search functionality is achieved with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This functionality is built into ES Imaging.

How does ES Imaging compare to other imaging solutions?
Many of our competitors require a face to face meeting to demonstrate their product. We have simplified previewing ES Imaging, by providing an interactive demo. We believe our product will speak for itself due to the rich functionality coupled with the ease of use. Introducing ES Imaging and ES Imaging Feature List both identify features that will help you distinguish our product from others.

How much does ES Imaging cost?
Visit ES Imaging Pricing to view pricing.

How do I sign up for ES Imaging?
Simply visit the ES Imaging Pricing page and click the 'Subscribe' button.

What kinds of files can I put in ES Imaging?
Anything! You can scan images, import/capture pictures, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, video files, music files, databases, programs, anything your heart desires.

Will our email address provided during the purchase process be protected from other use?
ES Imaging will not use the provided email address for anything other than communicating with you during the purchase process and ongoing support needs.

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