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Welcome to ES Imaging
  • Frustrated with the inability to access documents off-site?
  • Do you want other family members to have access to some of your files?
  • What would you do if you lost pictures, videos, or documents in a fire?
  • Do you have a big filing cabinet taking up space in your house?
  • Do you have files scattered all over your hard drive?

ES Imaging is a software tool, and monthly service, that helps home users protect and organize their documents and files. It is a full featured Document Imaging system that allows you to scan in your paper documents (bills, car titles, receipts, policies, etc), as well as import your pictures, videos, or any other file.

How does it work? You simply install ES Imaging on your computer and instantly begin scanning and/or uploading your files! Your files are saved on our Internet server, and backed up at multiple locations to ensure they are safe from disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc).

How is it different from backup solutions like Carbonite? The main difference is you can scan, or capture from various devices directly into ES Imaging. You can also organize and put keywords on folders and files in order to easily find things. Also, you can access your files from any Internet connection, even a smart mobile device. Finally, other family members can login and access your files (with appropriate permissions).

ES Imaging

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